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Summer 2024 FAQ

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Will the course expand?

We don’t know. (And we still won’t know even if we know your waitlist position, so please don’t email us to ask.)

We will not have any information about potential course expansion until the first full week of the Summer semester (June 17, 2024), at the earliest.

What are my chances of getting off the waitlist?

We don’t know. You could check Berkeleytime for enrollment trends from past semesters, but there are no guarantees as to how past trends will extrapolate to Summer 2024.

Besides past trends, we have no way to estimate your odds of getting off the waitlist. If you’re on the waitlist, we strongly recommend having a backup plan in case you are unable to enroll.

I’m a concurrent enrollment student. When can I enroll in the class?

The department processes concurrent enrollment applications, not us. Please check this page later for updates; we have no additional information at this time, so please do not email us about concurrent enrollment until this page is updated.

Please don’t email us asking to be added to the class before your application is processed. There won’t be any assignments due until the first batch of applications are processed. If you submit an application after the first batch is processed, see the later questions for getting added to the class (within 48 hours), and the policies for enrolling late.

Can I audit the class?

All course materials that we can share with auditors will be posted publicly on the course website. Also, on the policies page, there is a link to a public Gradescope class that you can join.

I officially enrolled in the class, or filled out the form requesting to be enrolled, but I don’t have access to Gradescope/Ed.

We sync the rosters once a day, so you may need to wait a bit before being automatically added to the class. If you’ve been officially enrolled for 48 hours and haven’t been added, send an email to Please don’t ask us about being added until 48 hours have passed; we don’t have time to manually add each student.

How do I enroll late in the class?

It is your responsibility to keep up with the class before you enroll.

If you enroll late, you need to be fully caught up with the class within 3 days of enrolling. If any assignments are due before the date you enroll, you can submit a request through the extensions form (linked on the website) for up to 3 days after you enroll, so that your submission is not counted late.

You can attend lectures and discussion sections before you are officially enrolled. The course website will publicly post any recordings, videos, and resources.

If you’d like early access to the homeworks, you can use the ungraded copy on the auditors Gradescope class (link on the policies page), though you will need to re-fill out the homeworks when you are added to the official Gradescope.

Do you allow time conflict enrollment?

Yes. We don’t require lecture attendance.

I’m unable to enroll in the class, can you help?

Course staff don’t control enrollment. Please reach out to Summer Sessions ( for enrollment-related questions.


When are the exams?

There will be one midterm exam. It will be around July 12th, the exact date and time is still TBA. The final exam will be during the week of August 5th to August 9th. The exact date and time is still TBA. We do not know when we will know the exam dates for certain.

Will remote exams be offered?

We will not offer remote exams. Exams must be taken in person in Berkeley.

Will alternate exams be offered?

We will offer a single alternate exam for both the midterm and the final. The alternate exam must be taken in person.

Can I take this class completely remotely?

You must take the exams in person. Everything other than exams can be done remotely. We plan to offer remote labs and office hours.

If you can’t attend the midterm in-person, there will be options for skipping the midterm (no guarantees on any clobber policy or its impact on your grade) - this would allow you to take the entire class, except the final exam, remotely.

If I’m resolving an incomplete from an earlier semester, can I take the final exam in Summer 2024?


Other questions

Can I apply to be an academic intern for the class?

No, the academic intern program is suspended for Summer 2024.

Can I apply to be a TA or tutor for the class?

Staff applications for Summer 2024 have closed.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered above, you can email Please don’t email instructors or TAs directly; you will get a faster answer by emailing