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Mac OS

A. Setup

  1. Install the Xcode Command Line Tools through your terminal by running this command (it should already be available on macOS - try using the search feature/Finder to find it):

    xcode-select --install

    This might take a while. If you are on an older system, you may have to update your software. If you run into any error regarding not enough free space, please double check how much free storage you have left (a rough estimate of what is needed is at least 40GB of free space). You may need to also restart your laptop.

    There is also a StackOverflow post that you can reference here if
    it’s a similar issue. If you are having trouble though, please come find a staff member to help you!

  2. At this point, verify that git is installed with

     git --version

    You have successfully installed git if this command returns a valid version number and does not fail. If the installation is good, skip the rest of the guide and return to the lab.

B. Git Install Issues

If you had installation issues with Git try the instructions “Installing on macOS” at this link. Contact your TA if you are still having issues.