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FAQ - Project 1A: Linked List Deque 61B

I’m getting a “Required Type is Deque61B but provided is …”

There are two possible issues. Make sure you haven’t accidentally imported java.util.* (or java.util.LinkedList or java.util.ArrayList). The other possible issue comes with an issue in your class signature.

Intellij is telling me “The method … of type LinkedListDeque61B has the same erasure as … of type Deque61B but does not override it.”

You probably forgot the generic T in the implements line of your class signature (i.e. you wrote implements Deque61B instead of implements Deque61B<T>). If you used something other than T for your generic type parameter, use that instead.

Q: How do I make my arrows point to particular fields of a data structure?

In your diagram from lecture it looked like the arrows were able to point to the middle of an array or at specific fields of a node.

A: Any time I drew an arrow in class that pointed at an object, the pointer was to the ENTIRE object, not a particular field of an object. In fact it is impossible for a reference to point to the fields of an object in Java.

Q: What does OOB stand for?

Out of bounds.

Q: My tests pass locally but Gradescope is telling me “NullPointerException: Cannot invoke java.lang.Iterable.iterator() because this.actual is null”

This may be caused by returning null in your toList method. Make sure that toList always returns an ArrayList, even if the Deque is empty.

Q: I am receiving style error saying: “Class member field ‘val’ may not be public”

Try using class ClassName instead of public class ClassName

Make sure to use your Deque61B interface rather than java.util.Deque