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Exam Resources

To sort and filter exam questions, access our problem bank here.

Past Exams

Semester Instructor Midterm 1 Midterm 2 Final
Spring 2024 Kao, Yokota [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Fall 2023 Kao, Yokota [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol][video]
Spring 2023 Hug, Yokota [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Fall 2022 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol]
Spring 2021 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Fall 2020 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Spring 2019 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Spring 2018 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Spring 2017 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video*] [exam] [sol]
Spring 2016 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol]
Spring 2015 Hug [exam] [sol] [exam] [sol] [exam] [sol]

Videos marked with a * are not created by Course Staff.

Additional Past Exams

Tips for Exam Prep

Check out this amazing Exam Prep Guide for some very helpful exam preparation tips the course staff has utilized and shared with students in the past!

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